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African Greys

Welcome to Ceasars World! Home of the Ceasar Parrot Cam. If you own or are considering an African Grey, you will find this site educational and informative as well entertaining for everyone.Here, you will find African Grey breeder directory listed by state and links to many African grey homepages Take part in the Parrot Chat Room and talk with other owners of African Greys.

Ceasar Cam will operate during the day time. Ceasar requires his beauty rest just like the rest of us. Ceasar, as you can tell is just a baby. He was born on May 12th 1999 .He is a Congo African Grey.The Congo African Grey (Psittacus Erithacus) is a grey bird with a solid black beak and red tail. They can measure about 12 to 14 inches in length and weigh about a pound. Congos reach maturity at 2 years old and can live to be fifty. African Greys are good choices for owners who cannot tolerate consistant loud noise. They are estimated to be as intelligent as dolphins, chimps and even toddlers. Because of this intelligence, as pets they require positive mental stimuli and companionship with humans. African Greys are considered one of the best talking species in the parrot world. They can speak in phrases and speak in a much wider range in voices than other parrots Some have been known to carry on deatailed conversations with them selves in several voices. A greys diet shoul consist of fresh seed, dark green or orange vegtables, like brocolli, sweet potatoes,green beans, carrots, papaya and spinach. Fruits such as seedless grapes,apple slices, cantalope bananas and pears.Pasta, unsweetened breakfast cereals, cooked rice, cooked beans, whole wheat bread, Fresh water and small portions of nuts,chesse, yogurt or tuna. Never feed your grey avacodos,chocolate or rhubard, these are dealdly to greys! Informative magazines such as " Bird Talk' and "Birds USA: can be found at your local book store or pet store.

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