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Books and Videos

African Gray Parrot : Purchase, Acclimation, Care, Diet, Diseases With a Special Chapter
on Understanding the African Gray Parrot

by: Annette Wolter, Rita Kimber, Robert Kimber (Translator)
Paperback - 63 pages

I have read a couple of books on the same subject (African Grey Parrots)
and this so far is the most up to date book with also the most information out of the
books I have read. It has a special chapter on Understanding Grey Parrots that is very
helpful. It is information packed with such chapters as 1. Considerations Before You Buy
2. Buying And Housing A Parrot 3. Keeping And Caring For An African Grey Parrot 4. Diet
5. Diseases And How To Keep Your Parrot Healthy, among other chapters. I also enjoyed
reading about "Partnership Between Bird And Human." It was a unique section. This book is
filled full of informative chapters and high quality color pictures. If you own an African
Grey Parrot, or are looking to own an African Grey Parrot this is a book for you. I bought
this book to research African Grey parrots as pets and this book helped me to decide to
buy one as a pet. Because of this book I am now an African Grey Parrot owner. This book
also helped equipped me to be able to take care of an African Grey Parrot. This is a great

This book is MUST reading for African Grey owners! The information is just right
in breadth and detail. Very important information is covered which bird owners need to be
aware of since African Grays are very intelligent birds. I give a copy of this book to
everyone who purchases a Gray from me!

Keeping African Gray Parrots: by David Alderton
*****4.5 STAR RATING

I found this book to be very informative having just become a "mommy bird" myself.
The author gave great detail of what to expect of an African Gray Parrot; their needs, likes,
and dislikes. The book also covered some very important
safety matters and health issues. Even though I don't choose to house my gray in an outside
aviary, I became engrossed in the section on "housing" which provided many tips and techniques
to creating a safe environment for any bird to inhabit. I thought that, because our Gray was
successfully hand-fed and weaned by us, we knew all there was to know about these beautiful
parrots. This book helped to fill me in with the use of easy to understand wording
and beautiful photographs. If you are thinking about purchasing an African Gray Parrot or, if
you already own one, this book will help you to understand what your pet will need to live a safe
and happy life with you.

Specific to African Gray parrots only. If you want to keep and breed African Grays,
this book is a good resource.

The African Grey (An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet) by: Julie Ann Rach, Julie Dach
Hardcover - 126 pages

This is our seventh set of Happy, Healthy Pet titles. These latest additions will bring
our series up to fifty-five titles, and like the others, they are books pet owners can turn to for
the essential information they need to raise a healthy pet. The book is rich with professional
quality color photos. A book with a contemporary approach to your pet that emphasizes total care,
training and companionship! Enjoyable and easy to learn from. The African Grey is written by an
expert and addresses issues such as preventative health care, caging and nutritional requirements.
Other chapters include tips on how to keep your grey mentally stimulated and in top physical condition
throughout his lifetime.


Parrots Look Who's Talking (1999)
Here it is, for the first time ever, a video that connects us to the only
other talking animals in this world - Parrots! This may be the most
informative and entertaining video you have ever owned as these lovable
creatures engage us in colorful and often extraordinary behavior.
Highlights include: a singing parrot belting out an opera, a bird that
thinks and acts like a dog, a bird that flirts enough to make the most bold
actually blush, plus sit down and have tea and crumpets with an engaging lorikeet.
Share this fun-filled video with your family and get up-close and personal
with these unbelievable, babbling birds. If you are one of the millions of
people who owns a bird or simply want to experience the fun and joy they bring
to the home, PARROTS: LOOK WHO'S TALKING is the one video you will watch over and over.
Your bird will love it too! Color (60 minutes)

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